Pickled Red Onions | Fortune Bridge Brinery

What is pink and delicious all over? Pickled Red Onions of course!

Using black peppercorns and a brine of white, apple cider and red wine vinegars, these sweet and tangy treats are an excellent addition to any seafood dish, chilli, sandwich, burger, taco, or charcuterie board.

-CFIA certified

-100% natural, no preservatives or added colours



Ingredients: Red onions, water, vinegar, salt and black pepper corns. 


Made in Fortune Bridge, PEI

Pickled Red Onions | Fortune Bridge Brinery

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  • Fortune Bridge Brinery is a small-batch brinery specializing in the creation of delicious gourmet pickles. 

    "Our delicious and tangy brines are low sodium. They also contain apple cider vinegar which helps regulate blood sugar and is great for heart health... a pickle you can feel good about."