Marshland Bowls | Sea Winds Pottery

Ralph Seely’s “Marshland” glaze is inspired by the natural colours of Atlantic Canada’s wetlands. The mossy greens and rich golden hues of this beautiful glaze makes each piece unique.

-Dishwasher Safe

-Microwave Safe


Size: Aprox. 5.5" x 3.5" tall


Made in Rothesay, New Brunswick

Small Marshland Bowl | Sea Winds Pottery

SKU: 4211
  • Sea Winds Pottery is hand crafted by Ralph Seely and designed for everyday use in your home.


    "It fascinates me to take clay from the ground and transform it into a beautiful piece of functional pottery that can be used every day. I am influenced by the natural surroundings of the beauty I see where I live, looking out each day and watching the river flow, the trees swaying and the ever-changing sky. In this world of mass production I feel that hand made pottery allows me to take time to reflect on life and is much more personal.  I hope they find as much comfort and joy in the pottery as I have in making it. I truly believe that hand made pottery just makes life a little bit better every day."