Surf Small Bowl | Kym's Pottery Studio

This beautiful blue hand-thrown, stoneware pottery bowl is perfection with its drippy glaze. Great for cereal, ice cream, dips or salsa.

-dishwasher safe

-microwave safe* 

(* iron content in the clay will cause some heat retention in the microwave)


Size: 5" wide, 3" tall


Made in Centreville, Nova Scotia

Surf Small Bowl | Kym's Pottery Studio

SKU: 4531
  • Kym McWhirter is a full-time potter living on Digby Neck in Nova Scotia. She specialize in functional pieces such as mugs and dinnerware and started making pottery in 2002 when she was living in Moncton, New Brunswick. After taking a wheel throwing class and quickly realizing that she wanted to spend more than just a couple of hours a week at a rented wheel, she invested in a wheel and a small kiln and set up her first studio in her basement. Over the years, and now a full time potter, Kym and her husband Andy purchased an old abandoned general store in Centreville, Nova Scotia. With sightings of whales and fishing boats,  Kym is enjoying the view from her wheel in her cozy corner of the Annapolis Valley.