Leather Scissor Sheath + Snips | Hammerthreads

Such a handy helper for so many homestead tasks. This leather scissor sheath is perfectly at home in a gardener's pocket, but also just a great little set of snips to have on hand.

-leather sheath comes with metal snips



-Approx. 5 inches long by 2 inches at it's widest point.


Made in Woodstock, New Brunswick

Tan Leather Scissor Sheath + Snips | Hammerthreads

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  • Ashley Brown was born and raised amidst the rolling hills and rugged coastline of the Maritimes. Her childhood spent exploring her families farms, shadowing her fathers every move and reading any book she could get her hands on. 

    After spending much of her early life travelling the wild expanses of Canada and now with two young children, she returned home to the familiar forests in the years following the loss of her mother and partner. Those untamed inspirations and ever evolving relationship with grief, carry over into every aspect of her craft. Browns studio sits in the front parlor of her beloved 19th century Victorian home, filled to the brim with an ever growing collection of antiquities and curated oddities.

    With a strong focus on quality and natural materials infused with history, and time-honored designs, her goods are crafted to last a lifetime of use. Working with her hands as long as she can remember, a fully self taught leather worker, Ashley's skill set grows with every year that passes. Never one to set limits, her creations include hand drawn lunar calendars, custom screen prints, hand forged hardware and so much more. Start to finish, each piece is a true mark of her journey.

    Her work is as she. Authentic. Maritime Made. Built to Last.