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Vintage Tim Horton Coffee Tin Tote Bag | Holdfast Ink

Enjoy this organic cotton canvas tote bag featuring Holdfast Ink's hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed artwork.

-Durable 100% certified organic cotton tote bag

-Size: 14"H x 15"W x 4"D (21" handles)


A Note From the Artist-

"This is my tribute to the iconic version of the vintage Tim Horton coffee tin. Way before they were anywhere but Hamilton, Ontario they were just Tim Horton Donuts. I found this tin at a friends antique shop and knew that I had to carve it in it's retro 70's glory."


Made in St. Stephen, New Brunswick

Vintage Tim Horton Coffee Tin Tote Bag | Holdfast Ink

SKU: 4238
  • Heidi Turner's Holdfast Ink was born with fine, hand-printed goods anchored in New Brunswick.

    "Holdfast Ink is my love letter to New Brunswick. It features my point of view on the wondrously quirky people and places I have found in my many years here. I’m madly in love with the place I have been lucky to call home for over a decade. My products, in true small town form, are local and my art is hand drawn, hand carved and hand printed."

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