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Wooden Lobster Claw Servers | Scott DeMerchant Wood Carving

Salad servers are carved from butternut, treated with bees wax and linseed oil. Designed to sit on edge of bowl when not in use.

Safe to be used for food. Wash with mild soap and water. 


Made in Douglas, New Brunswick

Wooden Lobster Claw Salad Servers | Scott DeMerchant Wood Carving

SKU: 223
  • Born in Perth Andover, New Brunswick, Scott has been carving for 28 years. Shortly after marriage he took an interest in working with wood. Scott was inspired by a program on carving the Wood Duck and immediately began his first decoy. Several Wood Duck decoys were done before the carving and painting was perfected. Here Scott found his hobby and his passion.

    It wasn't long before family and friends were requesting carving for specific birds. Every new request presented the satisfying challenge of capturing the perfect detail of its live subject. Being a natural leader, Scott identified interest in others wishing to learn his craft. He welcomed the opportunity to share his gift and began offering carving classes nearly 25 years ago. He has guided students from ages 10 to 78 over the years.

    Through the evolution of his craft, Scott expanded to "hobby" from a desk in his living room to a custom constructed workshop. This beautiful facility includes a large studio classroom, spectacular showroom, two bathrooms, a kitchenette, specialized woodworking areas and massive storage space for wood and other materials.

    Having recently retired from his professional career in 2010, Scott's focus is now on carvings and carving classes. Although his work over the years has ranged from song birds, ducks, birds of prey and fish to full sized carousel horses, Scott's favorites include owls and eagles. His creativity has lead to extravagant displays such as a full sized bald eagle with an eight foot wingspan picking up a 35 inch salmon in its talons.

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