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Driftwood Botanical Body + Bath Oil | Wildwood Creek


Breathe deep among sacred old growth forests helping ground you while replenishing your mind and body.  A blend of premium oils is solar infused with the essence of powerful evergreens including pine, fir and black spruce. Let this deeply nourishing elixir awaken your skin's natural radiance and vitality.  Ideal for setting intentions, massage, daily meditation or to enhance your bath experience.

-100% Natural

-4oz Glass Bottle



Hemp Seed Oil: Balancing and hydrating while leaving skin feeling beautifully soft, smooth and supple
Wild Black Spruce: Eases tension and calms the mind
Western Red Cedar: Uplifting and grounding while inviting positivity
White Pine: Refreshes, invigorates and grounds the mind while naturally removing toxins


How to Use: Massage a small amount into damp skin. Relax and breath deeply, allowing the intoxicating aromatics and nourishing oils to absorb. Store in a cool, dark place. Use within 12 months.


Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Argan Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Avocado Oil* infused with White Pine*, Wild Black Spruce*, Balsam Fir*, Pine Essential Oil*, Cedar Essential Oil*, Wild Black Spruce Essential Oil, Balsam Fir Essential Oil, Vitamin E *

*Organic / Field Grown and/or Wildcrafted


Made in Clementsport, Nova Scotia 

Woodland Botanical Body + Bath Oil | Wildwood Creek

SKU: 1703
  • Tucked away in rural Nova Scotia, Wildwood Creek offers a unique backdrop of mountains, forest and ocean, rows of lavender, botanicals and wildflowers all surrounding our large century barn, old milk house and outbuilding. Here is where owners Tamara and Sean McKaig expertly handcraft in small batches their unique line of plant- based home and body products.


    "At Wildwood Creek, we believe in the power of nature. Using organic farming methods, we grow, hand-harvest, dry and distill farm grown botanicals and combine them with ethically wildharvested and sustainably sourced organic ingredients to create all- natural and sustainable products. To show our commitment to being good stewards of the planet, for every product purchased, we will donate 1% to environmental initiatives to help preserve and expand wild spaces."

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