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Wristlet Keychain in "Nova Scotia Tartan" | Yellow Petal Handmade

Never loose your keys again! This handy keychain easily slips over your wrist, making it perfect for when you're arms are full carrying groceries in from the car! Better yet, the lanyard style makes it easy to find your keys when they're hidden in the depths of your purse or bag. A favourite here amongst the Jennifer's family!


"I started making these keychains to help use up little leftover strips and squares of pretty fabrics, but they’ve become so popular that they are now regular listings. "


Handmade in Upper Tantallon, NS

Wristlet Keychain in Nova Scotia Tartan | Yellow Petal Handmade

SKU: 8091
  • "Yellow Petal Handmade" is proudly owned by artist Penelope St-Laurent who lives in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia.  

    "I strive to be environmentally responsible and am mindful in my designs and the fabrics that I choose, therefore I use only natural fabrics like 100% cotton, linen blends and occasionally cotton canvas."

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