Ollie the Crochet Octopus - Mary Bruer

A tiny toy for tiny hands! Easy to grasp and fun to chew. 

This tiny octopus makes a great baby shower gift. While in the womb, babies hold onto their umbilical cord. The tenicles on this toy can bring comfort to newborns who miss the familiarity and security of the womb. 

-Hand crocheted from durable and soft 100% cotton yarn

-Machine wash and dry


+Jennifer's Tested and Approved (by Cade, our youngest Family Member)


Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ollie the Crochet Octopus - Mary Bruer

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  • Mary Bruer is an incredibly wonderful human with many talents, and a lover of handcrafting. She has been a beloved member of the Jennifer's family for several years and we are so proud to be featuring some of her wonderful creations in our shop.