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Indigo Blue 6"x22" Tray  | Semi Formal | Kiln Art

Fun, funky and absolutely original, each piece of Kiln Art’s Semi-Formal series is hand-colored and accented with multicoloured dichroic-glass detailing at each compass point.  The Semi-Formal series adds spice to any dining experience.

-Size: Approx 6" x 22"


*Product Note: Each piece is one of a kind. The dichroic-glass will vary in colour from piece to piece. 


Made in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia

Indigo Blue 6"x22" Tray | Semi Formal | Kiln Art

SKU: 1123
Sold Out Online (May Be Available In-Store)
  • The birth of Kiln Art can be traced to a magical moment in 1999 when Sharon McNamara and Paul Palango came upon the idea to use crushed stained glass or frit, as it is known, as if it were paint. Kiln Art's districtive painting style glass art.


    Today, Kiln Art is collected around the world by individuals attracted to its vibrant, rich colors and unique designs. Each piece is handcrafted from the first cut to the final finish and is signed by the artist.

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