Monstera Suncatcher | Prismatic Kitty

This window cling is perfect to put next to your plants! It will shine rainbow light on them when the direct light shines through the window. It is not recommended for north-facing windows (in the northern hemisphere) since they receive the least amount of light.

These apply with static cling so they are perfect for rentals, dorm rooms and indecisive people since they won't leave residue. 

-Makes a great gift to pop into a card

- Size: 6"


How to Apply: (see video)

-Clean window of any dirt or dust

-Spray window with water

-Peel backing off of window cling

-Place on window, gently removing of bubbles or excess water with a towel

-Enjoy Rainbows!

Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Monstera Suncatcher | Prismatic Kitty

SKU: 9838
  • Megan Buffet is the artist behind Prismatic Kitty, a Halifax based company. Each of her suncatchers are handmade with love.

    "My goal is to spread joy through the little things - like happy reminders on your mirror or rainbows on your walls .The smallest changes can make a huge impact to your day!"