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Raku-Fired "Small Fish" Green | Fish by Fire

This beautiful raku-fired fish measures approx. 5 inches (13cm) across and also 5 inches (13cm) high. It comes with an attached hook to hang easily.  You will receive the exact fish pictured here, as no two look alike.

Each piece is forged through fire and water, in a firing technique known as Raku. Once brought to temperature, pieces are carefully removed from the red-hot kiln using long metal tongs. They are then placed in some combustible material which bursts into flame upon contact. After about one hour in this enclosed reduction chamber, pieces are taken from the ashes and quenched in water. Finally, they are scrubbed with sand to reveal the wonderful and unique surface effects that have been created.


Made in New Horton, New Brunswick

Raku-Fired "Small Fish" Green | Fish by Fire

SKU: 4266
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  • 'Fish by Fire' is a longstanding collaboration between New Brunswick artist Karin Bach who designs the fish and Tim Isaac Pottery where they are made and fired.

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