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The D.H. Russell Boat Knife + Marlin | Grohmann Knives

Called the boat knife for its triangular shaped handle that helps prevent slippage when wet. Due to its sheath with pouch that holds a marlin spike & shackler, it is also known as the "Yatchtsman".

Blade: Stainless steel blade 4" x 15/16" of 1/8" stock, total knife length 8 1/4"

Wood: Rosewood


-A true favorite over the years with the crew of the Bluenose as well as many Coast Guard and yachting people worldwide.

-Regular "sabre" grind blade comes up about halfway on the blade. Our regular classic grind makes for a thicker, stronger blade, and was designed ideally for hunting and skinning/dressing.

-By your side in Grohmann's sturdy genuine leather belt sheaths

-Each comes gift boxed with Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Made in Pictou, Nova Scotia

The D.H. Russell Boat Knife + Marlin | Grohmann Knives

SKU: 3575
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  • German knife maker Rudolph Grohmann came to Pictou, Nova Scotia, with his family in 1949. Determined in his trade to make knives, he built a garage workshop to begin producing and engraving folding knives. 

    Grohmann Knives Limited was formed in 1961 by the family and was run by one of Grohmann's daughters, Berta, & her husband Michael Babinec Sr. They passed the family business down to their three sons who all worked in the business together at one time. Today, Michael Jr. along with his daughter Michelle are running the business in its same location in Pictou Nova Scotia with approximately 25 employees.

    At Grohmann Knives, making knives is as much an art as a trade. The top quality knives are produced with as many as 53 steps between starting point & finished product.

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