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Worksock Slouch | Northern Watter Knitwear

This classic loose fit, British Worsted Wool Slouch toque is knit in a Popcorn knit stich and with 5 point top. Plus, with the classic Work Sock design, this will soon be your favourite hat.


Also available:

-Worksock Headband

-Worksock Toque

-Worksock Bubble Mittens

-Worksock Texting Mittens


Made in Prince Edward Island

Worksock Slouch Hat | NWK

SKU: 8026
Sold Out Online (May Be Available In-Store)
  • Northern Watters Knitwear is a Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island based company focused on quality knitwear. Bill and Wanda Watters support dozens of knitters throughout the province, and their wools are of superior quality.

    -"Home" of the 100% British Wool Sweaters and Accessories, knit on antique Swiss Dubied Knitting Looms.

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